Clay Aiken threatened by Uber Driver in NYC



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Whats sad is because of this publicity the driver will lose his lively hood. What is even worse I am sure he did take forever getting out, celebrity (even D list) have the mentality that no one time is important except theirs. Also what uber driver, drives with a bat. I dont believe the story. Driver probably said GTFO and the drama queen blew it out of proportion.


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Ok so just with the license plate i was able to find this drivers name and his license number,car's vin number.
Nothing against the driver but how tlc is securing our personal information you guys can see that.
P.s. He is a new driver

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He may have accidently selected the service "ubersergei", where the driver pulls the car over in a secluded location, yanks you out of the backseat, and then, proceeds to break your kneecaps with the assistance of a baseball bat.:biggrin:
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