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Class action PA spanking for Lyft?

Have you been terminated by Lyft for causes you feel to be unjust?

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Does anybody know of attorneys suing Lyft in Pennsylvania? If so, would appreciate you sending on their name.


- I have more than a thousand rides in and a 4.92 rating with the last 50 rides all 5 stars. I reach 20% PDB at least half the time.

- I was terminated without warning or recourse. Lyft claims I made an advance on a passenger or otherwise made them feel personally uncomfortable. I think Lyft invented this claim.

- I believe Lyft got rid of me because they don't make any money from me and they see the writing on the wall when it comes to misclassifying drivers as contractors instead of the employees we are.

- In the last six pay periods I generated over $3,900 in ride fees, yet Lyft lost $500 on me thanks to PDB bonuses and new rider sign-up incentives.

I would be grateful for any employment lawyer names within the state of Pennsylvania. If there is no class action bandwagon I am happy to launch a suit as plaintiff zero.


Pee'd on in Pittsburgh


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Is there no appeal process? I know in other states a panel of veteran drivers will hear and decide on cases where drivers appeal their termination. Any company would want to hear both sides of the argument first. For your sake I hope you can settle the matter without having to go to the legal system. That route is costly; both time and $$.

I doubt they would 100% make up a customer complaint that specific. Do you remember the ride in question? What topics were discussed?


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Thanks for your reply.

No, there is no appeal process, nor did they ask my side of it. I have no idea which customer or ride it could be--if it is real. I get along great with my pax and can safely say that I've had maybe two nightmare customers out of 2,700 rides.

In fact, the accusation is non-specific rather than detailed. I have reasonable proof the allegation is invented, but I'm saving it for the lawyers.

What is more interesting to me is the strategy. I've been taking screenshots of the Pittsburgh area in Lyft customer mode. There were zero Lyfts available on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. When things are hopping there are at most 15 cars available.

I really think that Lyft has finally accepted its role as Uber's doormat and is going to cut bait in the Pittsburgh market.