Clarification from Uber on Passenger overloadp

Trying in Norfolk

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I final,y got cliff cation on when riders want to overload your cars capacity.

"Currently the policy on passenger capacity is based on local laws in the partnered city and the insurance requirements in the given area. Currently in the Hampton Roads area the local law does state that passenger capacity is relative as long as passengers in the front have seat belts. Now, that is true for civilian drivers, driving privately, but for TNC drivers for Uber, that is not the case. According to the law in Hampton Roads, Uber drivers are considered commercial drivers per their registration requirements. Therefor, overloading on the vehicles maximum capacity based on passengers or payload could result in violation and revocation of TNC registration.
Uber never recommends going over capacity in any form. Your insurance agreement does not allow for coverage over the agreed upon passenger capacity. Per your statement, passengers cannot claim responsibility for any injury, damage to property, or liability in the event of an accident, violation or action resulting in any injury or property distruction, in order to overload capacity. The coverage agreement would be violated under you partnership agreement. Please see your Uber Partner agreement for more information."

Please be sure to check your local laws and keep track of requirements.
Do not overload you are not covered!