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City Patrols at AAC


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Code people were in the Uber lot at AAC last night writing tickets for not having permits. You have been warned.


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Am sure they write as soon as you pull up. This is getting crazy, that's why I avoid going to the lots, instead I ask pax to meet me away from traffic. Did it surge? 21 pilots are pretty poplular, am sure tonight it wi aurge for those driving.Thanks for the heads up!


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21 Pilots was last night. Bon Jovi is tonight. If you are waiting for passengers IN the uber lot (the Uber west lot - actually south part of lot E), they can do a permit check. If you do not have the permits, then they write a ticket. I watched them write several. They approached me and asked to see the drivers permit. I showed them and they thanked me for being in compliance.

EDIT: Yes, It did surge. I got a 3.2 XL surge to Hurst. My portion was over $100. I stopped at DFW and waited 5 minutes and got an XL to Addison which got me most of the way home.

One more thing...It is not getting crazy - it is getting normal, as in the way it should be. I wish they would staff up code enforcement all over Dallas. It's not that hard to get the permits.
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Twenty One Pilots was at 3-4x when the concert let out. I was at home but my daughter was there. And out of curiosity when she text me the show was over I looked. It showed at least 2x for a good while.
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