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Cincinnati pickups for Dayton based drivers, Not?

Let me start by saying that I've been a registered Uber driver since 2014 and am Dayton based.
Started in Dayton and then in Cincinnati. Later doing pickups in both cities under a single account.

I haven't been driving much in 2018 and up until last night it was just in Dayton metro.
I'm well aware of the border between the 2 Uber regions being the Montgomery-Warren county line.

So I drove down to Cinci last night figuring to work the weekend night surge like I have done many many times in the past. I get there and no pings. I finally checked the rider app and my car didn't show up even though I was online in Driver app. After an hour of no pings I finally called uber support and they said that I can't do pick ups in Cinci! They gave me a long list of cities I can work including Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Indianapolis and even Terre Haute, IN, but said I'm not eligible to pick up in Cinci less than 45 minutes from my house.

Maybe it's not news to everyone else, but this was a genuine WTF moment for me.
I've kept my registration and documentation up for 4 years now, but admit I've not really kept up with the goings on with Uber the last year or so.

First can anyone confirm that they are a Dayton driver and also can't do pickups in Cinci? Any explanation given if not? Any idea how long this has been going on? Are Cinci drivers also prevented from doing pickups north of the warren county line?

Uber support offered to switch me to being Cinci based but it takes a couple of weeks (BS!) and I wouldn't be able to drive during that time. I said no thanks.

Sorry for the long note, I will wrap up here.

Uber Annie

It surprises me that you started driving in 2014 because the same restrictions existed then. The open OH rideshare state did not go into effect until early 2016. Most of us switched to Cincinnati before that went into effect. Uber changed it back this year and the only people it effects are people signed up in Dayton. Switch cities but if you want pickups in NKY you will have to upload a vehicle inspection.