CIAA Weekend


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Just wondering if anyone was planning on driving this weekend during the CIAA tournament and what it was like last year during the tournament. How much did you guys make over that weekend from Friday to Sunday?


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Thursday was a waste of time and gas - there were so many cars - and police roadblocks - I got nothing - this is what uber wants! Lots of cars on the road - hopefully someone else made a buck or two.

Jam Val

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how can you make money at 75cents a mile though,why are yall driving?
Surge. Made an additional 38% this week on surge. (Also picked up a part-time job so driving surge is easier as I have income to offset not driving as much for uber/lyft)

Jam Val

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Did well CIAA weekend. Refused to drop off at heavy traffic areas (made them walk a block or two to events). Refused to pick up in high traffic areas too. Took advantage of surge without getting pulled into uptown.