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I have received this message on my home screen many times in the past week however it doesn't appear to work when I follow the instructions. Has anybody else had this message.

"Choose where to drive"

Read the attachment and let me know what you think.




Is the list a drop down menu or a map where u click the areas?

This is a good feature but need to see how it's implemented.

Yes, it would be good if I can get it to work. I have sent a message to Uber support so will wait and see what they say.

I tap on the menu screen (both when online and offline) and there is no wheel icon to tap. So hence I think this has been sent to me by mistake. Saying that, I have had it on my home screen for the past week at least. I guess time will tell. I wonder if it is a inner city thing similar to booking an Uber in advance.


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Of course as an independANT contractor we can always choose were we drive. We can cancel any trip if we do not like the destination. In one of my many interactions with suPOORt they have confirmed this. They did mention it will impact your cancelation rate, but not your ratings.

(I also love how sometimes according to the tone of the corresponANTs they refer to us as either partners, valued partners or independANT contractors)

I do like the sound of this feature though.

Who is John Galt?

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Being trialed overseas. Tick the areas.

I don't know if other Adelaide drivers have this, but I've had it pretty much since I got back. :smiles:
I was talking about this to another member the other day , but can't find the post.
This is in the destination filter section and as Bolthead says there is a little 'wheel icon' (arrowed) which opens the selection.

As I said, I have had this for some time but have just started mucking around with it in the last week or so.
The screenshots below give you an indication of what's what. :wink:

IMG_3698 resized to 550.jpg
IMG_3698 resized to 550b.jpg

IMG_3696 resized to 550.jpg
IMG_3697 resized to 550.jpg

Happy to answer any questions about this. :smiles::smiles:

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