Chicago &uber bedfellows.

Grampa Uber

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Pay your tickets by Apr 2 to prevent deactivation. GD MF LIARS. I PAID.I AM STILL SHUT DOWN
.Bull from support and same from SF office. I am handicapped.Boo Boo. Stop fking with drivers. Comment s ?


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Since you said tickets as in multiple tickets, how many did you have? Three incidents within three years and you are deactivated until one of them falls off after three years.

Grampa Uber

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Get a job! I would but I can't find work for a 66 yr old with inoperatal heart failure, unable to walk more than 4 ft and torn ligaments in my fingers. So uber is all I got. You should know before you open your mouth Uber is the thing that allows dignity for me. Also this for Chi town. You live here let's meet. Ok my friend?*