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Cheyenne, or Wyoming in General


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I know there's at least 3 drivers on the forum in Cheyenne. I have recommended at least 5 more to join recently, and I'm sure there's more drivers in the rest of the state on here. Granted, Cheyenne is a small market, so maybe a general Wyoming thread would be more appropriate. Not sure how else this works, if I need to name these other drivers or not, but a few of us have been posting in the Denver thread.


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My husband and I drive uber in Casper, wyoming. We drove down to Cheyenne and U ered the last weekend of CFD. We did well which was nice but the app went down at some very high surge times. I could not accept or end rides at one point and it was gery frustrating. Okay enough of the background info. The Eclipse events start here next week. It is supposed to be even more over loaded with people and I expect it to be extremely busy. What do you do in the case of the app not working or system going down? If the app is not working is it okay to take cash rides? Info on this would be great I am wondering if uber has anything in olace to help with technical difficulties during high phone, data, internet trafficking times?


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The only thing you can do during a mobile data degradation is to write down the miles, time elapsed on the ride, start and end locations of a trip and request uber adjust it later. However, you have to already have been paired with a rider and started the trip. If you can't get paired with a rider because of app or data issues, then you're hosed. Taking cash rides is illegal and if something were to happen neither Uber's insurance, nor yours would cover it, so that's your call on that issue. I'm not saying I have never taken cash rides, but I generally don't. In over 1500 rides given, I think I've done 3 or 4 cash rides, just depends on the circumstances and your own judgement.


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Have a cell phone from every carrier, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Tmob (ha you never know), even if its just prepaid for a month.. When every tower is saturated i guarantee one will still work, even if barely..

And if indeed thats what is happening, set it up as an open hotspot called Uber and hopefully people get the hint.

And actually I don't live in Wyoming so for all I know you guys don't get all the carriers in the areas that might become oversaturated maybe just Verizon and Sprint but if that's the case better have both..

For EDC here in Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway there were so many people that all the carriers cell towers were oversaturated and Uber set up a giant Wi-Fi network called simply UBER.

It was Lifesaver. Oh and Sprint CDMA worked pretty well too maybe 20% connected, compared to the 0% on the other carriers. Verizon was the one carrier I did not have that have so can't say how it performed but I did have all the others.