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(which has absolutely nothing to do with anything. anything, but gossip.)

so would you prefer your pax paid you in sheep, chickens, dollars, or bitcoines?

of course all degens would probably pick the coin right now... but i am here to tell you so read my clearly.

you will hear people say "dollars arent backed by gold anymore". How many currencies on the planet still actually are btw?

for sake of argument lets compare to a time when people preferred trading in rare minerals... Caesar couldn't just stamp his face on a cheque and have it accepted everywhere, even Ibiza and maestrocard.

Im not saying USSR was too big too collapse, and I do understand the argument. Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe. Blah,blah, blah. Most of us can probably remember when the dollar collapsed and their were only a handful of countries on the planet that didnt feel it. So for the dollar to actually fall as the dominant world currency would probably mean the world has already fallen over completely. Therefore, any argument as such is nothing other than pulling straws.

I am not too familiar with all the mathematics behind it and how it can be limited, not reproduced, etc.

OR how it will be valued, who will want it ? ??

YET, who here would actually buy & HOLD Bitcoin over Dollars?

The Greenback, Backed by a government that can feed (or starve) probably a third of the worlds planet just with it's food resources alone. lets not get into all the toys and intellectual stuff it produces, or even imagine its defense and technology.

I am definitely not anti-BC, quite the contrary. But please if you may, who here would have their children's college fund or their own retirement fund more than half in Bitcoins? Anyone? Precisely as I predicted a pack of wild gamblers !

carry on.


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Do you know what was actual reason for civil war in America? Cause Lincoln printed his own money ,against bank of England , gadaffi Libyan leader wanted to do that ,he was overthrown and got killed .federal reserve will destroy anyone trying to substitute anything with $$$.
I am not too familiar with european (global) banking but ive heard theories of major stakeholder families, those theories were not very polite

the chinese central bank doesnt seem too pleased with bitcoin at the moment either. (i assume they are a major player since they own a lot and sell a lot to major markets) maybe its easier/looks cleaner for them to be the one going after this new currency.?

**** Bank for example probably owns major investments in europe,canada,usa, industry and banking as well.
but im sure there are no major american,european, investors that own parts of XXXX? Right?. one hand washes the other type thing.

ive read reports of other countries making it illegal also, to impede "criminals". i wont even comment on what i think of that.

But I never said i wasnt anti-bitcoin. i actually see very many possibilities in it.

but the point about the us dollar being similarly "not backed by anything". cmon you could go to a market in katmandu and use us dollars.

and also at this moment would any body, any body, buy to actually hold.

lets say I would sell you bitcoin at half/HALF of whatever they are on the market right now 3100.36 US Dollar (shhucks wasnt it lke 4800 the other day?). but you couldnt cash out until 2027. anyone?
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