Chattanooga Soccer


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Interesting weekend in Chattanooga February 5, 2017. USA Men's soccer and the Super Bowl.
Some surge, but nothing crazy.
Were the rides you had late Sunday evening short or were they long trips from downtown to the Hixons/Shallowford/Ringgold?
Once the Super Bowl ended and I got one ride, I did not find any more pickups.

I got short rides, but saw some traffic from people getting out of parties.


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Saturday night downtown- 11 trips in 4 hrs with a $34 payout. Mostly college kids, it was pledge night at the frats and sororities. Chappel show was at the Tivoli. One no show @$3.75. Not doing all that again. Cant afford it.


I got a bit of a lottery jackpot fare Sun. morning from a guy at Greyhound who needed a ride to Nashville (it was actually a Lyft fare). So I was able to get back and watch the entire game.. which I now regret.:frown:)) Friday before the soccer game was pretty much a waste of time. I got stuck in a rut, as I'm sure other drivers may have, of getting ride requests from people going the the stadium from downtown motels, etc. which at the time w/ all the traffic congestion, would take a good 15-18 min. per trip. In short I had 4 trips within a hr and a half for a little under $20