Charter bus fire causes big delays on I-5 in Seattle


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January 25th 2019. 2:58 pm.


SEATTLE — A charter bus fire caused major delays during the Friday afternoon commute on I-5 in Seattle.

Video from a WSDOT cam showed a white charter bus underneath an overpass near Spokane Street. Flames were shooting out of the bus shortly after 2:00 p.m in the northbound lanes.

The bridge turned black as firefighters arrived and worked to put out the fire.

Seattle firefighters said everyone made it off of the bus safely and no injuries were reported.

“Traffic is being directed to the Columbian Way/West Seattle off-ramp. IRT is en route and fire crews are at the scene,” WSDOT said in a tweet.

Northbound lanes were blocked at the West Seattle Bridge as of 2:45 p.m. The backup was four miles and growing.

Southbound lanes were also moving slowly past the scene due to smoke and the distraction.

Seattle DOT said Airport Way was also closed.


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I got caught in it , luckily was able to hit 15th and drop off the rematch downtown before it got too messy.
But my rear view was ugly as I was directed off.