Charged for five phantom rides


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Imagine if you could overcharge an extra 100,000 to million peeps a day an extra $21.60 ish smackers on their cc's. Imagine if most of them are too cooked on meth or inebriated with Jack Daniels to care. You could dangle the dongle of cash flow in front of your richest beady eyed venture capitalists and be the dude of the day. Or even of the week. "Those numbers look awesome, bro," they would sing out over a table of duck and caviar.

My son has an uBer account tied to my card. He goes to LA once a week and uses uBer twice in a day to get to school. His charges are usually around $18 to $20, total for the day. On Tuesday his charges went north of $41. (I was checking my statement for something else and saw them with my own four eyes). He had 5 ride charges, two at odd numbers of $11 and change and $8 and change, two at $7.50 each, and one at $13 something. I called him and was like, "hey, what up with that?" He only used it twice. He's a good guy, doesn't lie. So he contacted uBer through the app and they reversed the charges. They told him that the charges had not "gone through" yet, that they were "pending." Pending charges DO reduce the funds available in your account, though.

I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this kind of activity. Three random charges on a day when only two rides were requested and completed.