Changing coming to the Uber App


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Meh. Rate improvements would help much more than psychological mind games, gamification, and finding new places for things. And what is this shit about automatically starting the navigation towards in-demand areas. It already does this when a ping pops up before you accept it so now it's going to begin navigation somewhere without an actual accepted ride? Ahh hell naw!


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So happy the app is going to keep track of my Quests, something I haven't seen since last freaking July!


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Anyone else remember asking for a new app? Unless they change their nav to always show the fastest route or other things to help us maximize our earnings then who cares. They already have a better app than Lyft don't need to "gamify" it. Definitely don't like the idea of it actively trying to navigate you to boost/surge zones. There is a reason I don't chase surges. Makes it even easier for them to steer drivers where they want. Make no mistake that change is in Uber's best interest not yours.