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Changes to Uber Monthly Uber Tax Summary

Discussion in 'Sydney' started by dms, May 8, 2018.

  1. dms


    I noticed Uber have changed the way the tax summaries are broken down for each month.
    They even changed the ones for January.
    They "Other Charges from Uber", "Charges from Third Parties (Tolls/Airports/Government)" in Other Potential deductions. Can we deduct the GST on them of the full fare GST?

    Also for March t
    hey now have a City Fee in Fare Break Down, I am not sure what this also can we deduct the GST on this.

    Usually I would ask user RicDam as I am using his app but he's gone overseas on holiday,
  2. Spirto


  3. sharkie 2016

    sharkie 2016

    as it says in the brackets tolls, airport, government all have gst on them dont they as do city fee and booking fee, but i dont know about other charges from uber what that is?so i cannot answer this one but as far as city fee and booking fee go, yes you can even though they deduct these fees off you total fare. they are included in your gross summary. so you tell me do you think i am correct ?

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