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Change in the surge zones


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Did anyone else notice that they made a change in the surge zones today?

It used to be that the entire area inside I-295 excluding the 3 zones in the core and west Arlington was one zone. That meant that people in Southside could be seeing no ubers available while there were 3 cars sitting up on Dunne Ave and it wouldn't surge. They've now cut that in half so Southside is it's own zone.

Uber finally figured out that the problem with unfulfilled requests in Southside at rush hour wasn't because of stupid drivers who didn't know where to be, it was smart drivers who wouldn't work that area because of the congestion and lack of surge.

I'm hoping with that change they finally added an Amelia Island surge zone. Often it's so busy up here that it definitely should surge, but never does. Last night was one of them. There were at least 4 locals and who knows how many transients dropping from the airport working and still from 5pm till 9m we were often all on trips. The minute you dropped you got a ping from someone camping on the app waiting for a car to become available. Unfortunately tonight wasn't nearly as busy so we didn't get to find out.