Change in Airport Fee


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In San Diego, the airport fee mysteriously changed from $3.00 to $3.10 around 1 July 2019. There has been no notification of the change in the fee, as required by the California Raiser addendum Agreement 22 May 2017.

In a press release of 22 Feb 2017 the San Diego airport reported that 22 million people pass through the airport. It is estimated that approximately 45% of all vehicles entering the airport are TNC vehicles.

By those figures, the airport increased their revenue from $32,400,000 to $33,480,000 by that $0.10 increase.

Check your rate card. Make sure the Rider is paying and that money is not coming from you.


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Just to add ----
The pax is charged the airport fee and the amount added into the drivers earnings for the trip. However, L/U hold the funds (for the driver) and pay the airport. Technically, the pax pays the airport fee to the driver and the driver pays the fee.
That is why we can declare the payment on our taxes.
The fee is charged for every pickup &/or drop off. $4.00 for LAX & $3.00 for Burbank
With Lyft the fee is listed under " Tax " on the earning breakdown sheet for that ride.
I do not believe that the airport fees are listed on the Rate page. Not with Lyft anyway.