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Challenged by rivals in Asia, Uber launches Taxi Hailing App in Japan

Discussion in 'News' started by KevinH, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. KevinH


    San Francisco
    TOKYO, Japan - Blocked from offering its own ride-hailing services in the country, Uber Technologies has now employed a different strategy to expand its foothold in Japan.

    The U.S. ride-sharing major announced that it was launching a taxi-hailing app for taxis operating in Nagoya.

    Uber said that it had partnered with a company that has been operating in Japan's Nagoya region for over six decades now - Fuji Taxi Group.

    The Fuji Taxi Group, which is located near the heart of Japan's automaking heartland, emerged as the San Francisco-based Uber's partner for its cab-hailing programme in the world's largest taxi markets.

    Uber said in its announcement that its deal with the Nagoya-based Fuji Taxi Group would allow users to hail cabs through its app in Japan’s third-most populous city.

    The U.S. company has not revealed the exact terms of the deal, but is believed to get an unspecified cut of all fares, which will be based on standard rates required by regulators.
  2. njn


    Softbank is Japanese, big donor for uber, need more investment locally.
  3. TwoFiddyMile


    All they had to do was stay legal with taxis and towncars 8 years ago and they'd be in every country in the world.
  4. uberdriverfornow


    Yeah, good idea, give taxi's the idea that they should just make their own app and then crush Uber and Lyft with it. Great idea.
  5. they could get a 5% cut on every taxi fare booked through the app and they would be making a killing with 1% of the costs they have now and zero % of the lawsuits. They could even dump customer service issues on the taxi/black car services they contract with.

    Instead of "Radio Dispatched" the taxis would have a little logo.. Uber dispatched

    They also wouldn't be in the hole 20 billion either.
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