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Certify says only 2% of business travelers tip their Rideshare driver

Bob Reynolds

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UPDATE: Lyft contacted us to state that according to its internal data 63% of business travelers tip Lyft drivers. We are investigating Certify's claim and will update this post accordingly.)

Certify, a leading provider of travel management and expense reporting services, said its latest analysis of business travel spending showed that even though a tipping option has been incorporated into the companies' apps, it still has not caught on among road warriors.

"The percentage of tips per Uber ride was down in Q2 2018, from six to two percent, while Lyft had the same percentage of tips per transaction – two percent – in Q2 2018 as it did in Q2 2017," Certify noted.

Certify's analysis was based on an examination of more than 10 million business travel receipts and expense reports.


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That is one dam good point. How would Lyft know which rides are business travelers?
I know on Uber, you can set up a personal and business account. I think the same is true for Lyft. They probably pull data from those accounts or from accounts that are registered to businesses.
Not surprising if true. Its like any other service related job. People dont look at you doing them a service, they look at it as you "doing your damn job".

Yet, if the roles were reversed, or Lyft/Uber was no longer an option, those same people would complain about their not being enough money for them/options that were less expensive.

Always a lose/lose argument starved of empathy

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