Cell outage in S. Lake NYE!

kc ub'ing!

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Anybody else get screwed over by this? Caught a 77 minute ride south from the airport at 11am. Planned on spending the whole day at the lake.

Did 4 surge rides, bout $50 my first hour there, things going exactly to plan, then boom, no service! Couldn’t even make call.

Verizon is always terrible at the lake but never this bad. I hear now the issue was caused by a Spectrum cable failure. Weird.

Came back to Reno, got service back around Washoe lake. Did a couple rides in town, said f it and went home early. Disappointed in the earnings loss at the lake...


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Last night right at midnight both sprint and T-Mobile took a crap for about 10 minutes in the downtown area. Probably everyone trying to instasnapbook their new years all at the same time.. Annoying as hell though!