??? Cash Collected???


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So, something new, and more than a little weird.
Stupid Uber has now put this Cash Collected line in our earnings showing our total tips, exactly as they are above.

Not a running total for the week. Not some sort of "bonus" cash they are giving us.
Just a second line in the accounting that is for?


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Trip Earnings: $32.96
Tips: $5.00
Total Earnings: $37.96
Cash Collected: $5.00
Bank Deposit: $42.96

Why bank deposit is higher than total earning?


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Looks like they doubled our tips (without telling us) and for some bizarre reason put the bonus into "cash collected". I'll take it- that's half a tank of gas over what I was expecting to be paid. Wonder how long it will take before they figure it out and take it back?


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But, unfortunately the amount actually deposited in my bank is the lower (correct) amount. This should be interesting come tax time!