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uber fool

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Anyone driving 2015 plus nissan pathfinder. I read reviews not good cvt. Concerns me anyone drive this i hear it's lemon.Thoughts on this suv.Car guys what do think

If you want to give life advice don't
If your gonna tell me don't buy car for uber don't
If your gonna tell me buy Honda civic do x and pool don't
If your here to sway folks from doing xl select dont

If you know a thing or 2 about cars what are your
Thoughts on a sweet black on black sl model


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A friend got a new 2014 Nissan Rogue and it has already started to give him trouble.

I have been hearing good things about the CX5 and CX9.


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A lot of limo guys have the path finder and none of them I used to talk to ever complained

They really liked the car


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Nissan CVTs are shit or at least used to be. Check out some reports on google for that specific model. For myself, I don't like CVTs due to their "feel". They are very economic, but the driving experience is poor. I would like something with an auto @@@@@@. Mazdas, hyundai, kia, and vw still use them if I'm not mistaken.


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culling of fake xl and select coming

I was at a Greenlight hub this week and was told that there is a new car list coming soon. The rep also told me that this year they will require a car no older than 2011 for Toronto by January 1. Last year it was sometime in March but the rep said that the municipalities are tightening up.

March would have been so much better for us because, historically, prices for used cars are lowest from December to March.