Car vs food.


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Went to a Japanese place for a double order and the lady very nicely told me to be more careful with sushi stuff and brought out the order I had just delivered a couple of minutes ago. It looked like someone took the food and shook it very rigorously. I'm thinking the food couldn't handle my driving style or you know who did you know what... I do take very hard turns and have snow tires on which causes a somewhat bumpity ride.

Should I buy the thing she ordered and drive it to her house just to see if the same thing happens again? Idk guys I feel like going through this but can't really afford sushi as food right now.

To my defense the tray was plastic and there appeared to be some sort of very light cream as sole makeup of the sushi.
Also, if she ordered food and it didn't look like it did in the menu she still should've ate it. That she made the restaurant redo the order because it didn't look "fancy" anymore really triggered me. How can food be damaged if it's going to end up that way in your stomach ? :mad:


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We all KNOW what food " BECOMES" . . .

No one wants a plate of what Food becomes.

I am suspending your rank of " Food God"
You have been demoted to food fairy.
Hey buddy, making usernames is hard. Also,. Is it my fault the food doesn't come adequatly prepared for shipping? Pretty sure I could use a mailing fragile stuff analogy here. I how am I supposed to know the food is snowflake like and can't handle the trip friend?