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Car might get repo'd but I solved it

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Hans GrUber, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Ill make a long story short. Xchange leasing stopped deducting lease payment from our pay and I fell behind on paying. There are aspects of this that are my fault, but the way it's run now is designed to make payment difficult. They will only take a payment over the phone via bank acct number, you can pay online but it doesn't give you a receipt or reflect the payment on your acct immediately, their call center lies about resolving issues (it's basically uber phone support)...

    Anyways, I thought I made a payment, never followed up to make sure it went through with a phone rep (ridiculous I have to do that), it didn't go through and when I went to pay next time I saw my acct was in repo status for being 5 weeks late.

    I called to settle, they told me that if I did it would take my car out of repo status. Then I gave the info and he said (manager at this point) payment would go through Monday and THEN they could take off repo status. THEN he said 2-3 business days. I truly believe that they WANT to repo the car AND take my past due bc they are losing money on the leases and they are ****ing shady. So I've been stressed. I figured out the solution...

    They cannot "Breach the peace" to repossess the vehicle. This basically means they can't start a fight to reclaim it, or like forcibly move you if you are in the way. So all I have to do is live in my car while this plays out! Haha. It sounds ridiculous and awful to some, I know, but do you know how much peace of mind this gave me? I'm obviously not a lawyer, and they can get a legal order to evict me, but that takes time and that's AFTER they finally catch up to me, which alone will be difficult as I'm driving constantly. Worst case is it gets repo'd and I find a beater.

    Can we try and have fun with this and not reply with "this is your fault, dummy" or "Shoulda paid the bill so you wouldn't be here".
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  2. sirius black

    sirius black

    So, what season of “Super Repo Men” will your episode be aired?
  3. If it was me I would just park some place where I know they won't find it.

    Just keep the car away from them.
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  4. Lease has a gps. They know where the car is. Just keeping the wheels turning. Honestly the best thing that ever happened for my daily gross. I'm actually going to complete a QUEST!!!
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  5. Christinebitg


    I have a garage. So if it were me, I'd lock the thing in the garage until it's off repo status, or at least whenever I'm not in the vehicle.

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  6. sirius black

    sirius black

    BTW, They don’t *want* to repo that car. It costs $$ to chase your non-paying ass around and grab the car from you when you’re not looking, take it back, process it, etc. Although legally they can take your car if you’re one day late, they generally don’t start the process until you’re 90 days delinquent because they’d rather have the money than the car. So, if you’re only 2 months behind and just made a payment, I wouldn’t sweat it *too* much. But then again, the “I took a dump, and the car is gone” post may end up as a featured post ;).
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  7. Rat


    Tallahassee, FL
    They bill you for the repo fee.
    A finance company repoed my car, even though I was current on the payments. After I got the car back, they repoed it again because I didn’t pay the repo fee. They charged me for three “attempts” to repo it.
    They took the car straight to an unadvertised auction and an employee of the finance company bought it for $100.
    I sued them and got attorneys fees, every dime I ever paid them and $15,000 in damages
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  8. sirius black

    sirius black

    Wow, something is shady as hell with that company since you were paying. I guess we can assume some shadiness from RS lease companies. You got compensation for them being shady (or, ooops, sorry, we’ve made a terrible mistake). Rogue lease companies are the exception, not the rule, but to your point - Maybe the OP needs to worry a bit more w/ the company he’s dealing with.
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  9. Rat


    Tallahassee, FL
    GMAC is another finance company you should steer away from. There was a guy in Jacksonville, Florida who they ripped off so bad, he went to their local office and killed 8 people
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  10. beezlewaxin


    My advice is to remove your license plate anytime your car is parked to prevent it from being found even if you are in it. If it was me I might leave some papers on my dash to cover the VIN number too.

    I doubt they already have a GPS on it when they give it to you but maybe someone has experience proving otherwise.

    Simply having a car repoed from someplace other than your registered home address is not proof of GPS. It is just proof that they found your car.

    If your car isn't found right away then it probably doesn't have GPS and was instead must be found, the old-fashioned way, by a repo guy that drives around at night hunting for it.

    The modern twist is that repo guys drive trucks with advanced computer systems and vehicle-mounted camera arrays that are capable of realtime license plate number recognition of all vehicles in plain sight.

    Also there is a nationwide database of repos and if you are a repo man it is how you increase the number of cars available for finding and towing. Each car pays like $300-400+ so these guys are motivated to find them.

    If your car already had a GPS tag you'd probably have tow trucks following you all day long. Eventually everyone needs to take a bathroom break and that's when they'd get you!

    I used to work at a dealer-only auto auction and I got a ride home once from a repo guy in his tow truck that was equipped with a laptop and an expensive looking 4-corner camera system. I was curious and he explained the whole system to me.

    The laptop analyzed the images from the cameras and I was told the system was capable of doing realtime License Plate Number Recognition of parked vehicles on both sides of the street or parking lot while driving at normal speeds. I dont know its exact capabilities but it was beeping nonstop and pulling up plates on the screen continuously while we were driving.

    This guy had just moved to Denver with his wife to expand the repo recovery company he works for. He has a single tow truck and his wife has a normal car that is also equipped with the same 4-camera system.

    The laptop generates routes to drive which include parking lots of large apartments and office complexes and other busy places. If she finds a car she notifies her husband and he picks it up asap.

    He told me that he or his wife will sometimes place a temporary magnetic GPS tracker on a car if it can't be towed immediately. I forgot to ask what the tracker looks like, how much it costs and how often they are discovered and tossed or simply lost.

    I have never seen the repo men TV show. Do they talk about this type of stuff? Or is it even more high tech?

    I agree with others in that they usually wait 2 or 3 months before they send out a repo order on the car.. And they will probably already have been calling you everyday before a repo is ordered.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
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  11. And NOW

    Living in your car.


    Just like a Robot !

    Faraday Cloth. A Faraday shield kills signals.
    Cell phones, computers, micro chip credit cards , keys,Rfids, and CAR GPS/ Onstar etc.

    Buy some.
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  12. NUBER-LE


    Remove the GPS, it is normally attached to the OBD2 connector under the dash.
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  13. UberBastid


    I may be wrong but ... I was under the impression that GPS in a car placed by a finance company is illegal in California.
    Is that true?
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  14. That is criminally damaging property.
    Wrapping it in Faraday cloth is " "protecting" it. From receiving dangerous signals or E.M.P.'s . . . your Honor.
    Prove Intent.

    Check Mate . . .

    Faraday Cloth even shields from the eyes of the Angels.
    And the most recently launched satellites . . .

    The Law of Cause & Effect
    " Every Action
    Has a ReAction."

    Attached Files:

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  15. HotUberMess


    They put trackers in these cars now.

    Hans can you find a spy store near you? They will have signal jammers.

    Or you could park where you know there’s no cel signal, maybe an underground parking garage, or remote location?

    I wonder if I’m breaking any laws with this comment. LOL
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  16. Most knowledge is Not illegal yet.

    Better than Tattoos.
    Still cant be stolen.


    Send me $29.99 and I will Shield you from Prosecution for " THOUGHT CRIMES".
    Add $9.99 and I will include a Copy Of the American Constitution.
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  17. ever watch "Repo Nut" on YouTube? the repo man recorded a multitude of repossessions. full content with great dialogue explanations.

    when you DO get repo'd (I'm going to tell them where your car can be found) - you can buy my 20 year old bicycle and do
    local food deliveries. doesn't need any repairs. I'll even throw in a blow up bed. you can share it with blow up Betty.

    if you're gonna start getting F'd, I want it to go the full nine.
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  18. Pulledclear



    Well I thought it was a lovely story and you tell it so well.
  19. jgiun1


    Rent a garage close to your home and store the car in there. I'm almost positive they aren't allowed to go into a garage or even open the door or any kind of locked fence area on private property.
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  20. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    I keep it behind a locked gate..

    They will have to ask for it back...8>)

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