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Check in the area of your foot well. if you don't have at least basic knowledge of electronics it's not a job I'd recommend you do.
Thanks I don't want them to continue to track me you never no how they do business it was a hard 3 years


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I can’t say what happened with the lady the OP met. I can say that what she said happened with her did not happen to my ex when her Uber lease was repo. She drove maybe two nights meanwhile I drove it for months giving her the weekly monies for the lease. Of course what she did with said money...? A total of four payments were made in 6months when they took it while she was shopping. Anyway Point is it didn’t go on her credit as a repo nor has Uber or pacific nisson sent any bills. That was August 2016. I think her Uber account is negative so if she ever did drive they will just take all earnings until paid. She got the last lease from Pacific Nission before the cars switched to the green light on washington