Car giant any good


Hi has anyone used car giant to get finance for vehicles are they any good good deals I've seen a few around just wondered what people thought.


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Got my mondeo from them , really happy with it but finance was a really bad deal , 25% interest with Barclays Partner .
There are really good deals on finance out there now but I don't know if you can bring your own finance.
I would do what drivers on this forum advised , rent 6-12 weeks and then buy cash 4-5 k car .


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They have lots of stock to choose from.

But beware some of the newer stuff (1yr or 2yr old for example) could be ex daily rental fleet vehicles or snatchbacks.

Though that goes for lots of dealerships not just CG.

I have bought loads of cars from them since 1992 when they were The Great Trade Centre, the most recent in February.

They can get finance for PH drivers, but due to the usage the car will get and the miles done the rates will be higher than normal to reflect the risk.

At least if you have bad credit you don't have to pay extra for the car aswell, like some specialist dealers.


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They use a variety of finance companies and will try to get you to use the one with the highest interest rate (more commission for them).

If you do your homework and depending on your credit rating, you'll be able to find a rough idea of what your payments should be for a set amount, ask CarGiant to better them, or at least match them.

If they can they will, after all they're trying to sell you a car.