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That would cover all of this and a rental... And you'd better get on that before your make a claim with them. Because if you make a claim and they find out you had pax... They will outright deny you


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Uber is covering it
Less the deductible
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Who do you have insurance through?
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I’m not making a claim through my insurance


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You rolled the dice and probably lost. You are fortunate that you had a pax, so Uber insurance will cover within their limits.

However, when your insurance finds out, they will cancel your personal policy. There is a chance they won't find out, but it is unlikely. Welcome to the world on non-existent online privacy.

If I was you, I would switch your insurance ASAP to a rideshare policy, with another company. If you stay with the current company and switch to rideshare, they could still cancel you for fraud. If you roll the dice again and stay with them, and they cancel you, your next policy will be very expensive.

Consider yourself lucky. If You had the app turned on waiting for a ride, or was on the way to pickup pax, then you would be paying for everything and your insurance woild get cancelled.


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So, what happened? Did you get your car fixed? Also, I found out that my girlfriend works with your pax.