Cant get a hold of Lyft


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I have been trying to reach Lyft since last Wednesday regarding my driver account being placed on hold for an issue which I have long ago resolved. I need to get back and start lyfting again. I have sent thee different messages to Lyft and no response whatsoever. Can someone please help? This is really frustrating!


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No one works at Lyft, I applied to Lyft going on 2 months ago and everything went through but the back ground. They told me normally 48 hours but can take 2 weeks. It is going on 2 months and during that time I was accepted by UBER, have been driving for over a month. Applied and was issued a concealed gun permit. Applied and was given clearance ( by Home Land Security)to drive unassisted on Norfolk Navel Base. Yet during that time after repeated emails to LYFT asking what is taking so long with my back ground check I have received one email with a clip and paste saying " It normally takes 48 hours but can take up to 2 weeks" No one knows what is happening there. And no one cares.