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Cant cancel on paxholes


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Thanks ! Ill try it
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Naah not working for me still need to switch off and on , thanks anyway
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Thanks lookingaround it does work !!! I just didnt know how to properly force close the app . Thanks man u helped me alot


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expected new features will include separate screen to give reasons for cancellations, and will be needed to be filled before allowed to log back on to app and receive bookings

Sir SurgeAlot

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It happens to me too. That screen where you have to et them know why you are cancelling has been there for awhile. But you press the reason and it still doesn't let you cancel. Have to force close the app and then cancel again. Usual reason to cancel is because pax has requested in the stupidest place and won't move towards you in a safer place to stop. (usual message they send is 'I am here, please come to me". Many morons.