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cancelling vs. not picking up "rider calls"

Discussion in 'Ratings' started by Urbanappalachian, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Urbanappalachian

    Urbanappalachian Active Member

    I know I should have turned off the app if I don't plan on picking up a rider at specific addresses. Some addresses are known "dangerous" which is why I sometimes do not answer "rider calls". I didn't know this could make my ratings lower? It's not exactly the same as cancelling a ride after I got to the address and if the address looked shady. I would assume if I didn't pick up the "rider call", another UBER driver would have picked it up already. Sometimes the call happen too quick or sometimes someone already picked it up so why should this give me a lower rating if I was slow to pick up the "rider call"? It shouldn't, right?
  2. LEAFdriver

    LEAFdriver Moderator Moderator

    Lake County, IL
    You need to spend a few minutes reading these forums. Your questions have been covered. Also, it helps when you use the proper terminology. I.E. "Pings" not "Rider call". At first I thought you were referring to not answering the phone call from a pax after canceling on them. :confused:
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  3. Oh-Lord

    Oh-Lord Well-Known Member

    Not accepting the ping lowers your acceptance rate. Cancelling increases your cancellation rate. Now you can't get in trouble for having a low acceptance rate, but you can get suspended or even deactivated for cancelling too much. My acceptance rate for example is about 60% because I don't accept pool, however my cancel rate is about 8 %. If you accept by accident just bite the bullet and do the trip. Hope that helped.
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  4. nlt624

    nlt624 Member

    Atlanta, GA
    My acceptance rate is 84% because I DO NOT accept any requests that have a rating less than 4.3 or who is more than 7 minutes away. I only cancel when the rider doesn't have their arse in my car within 5 minutes (X and Select) or 2 minutes (Pool).
  5. UberChicago80

    UberChicago80 Active Member

    My favorite character in Winnie the Pooh is Pigglet

  6. AuxCordBoston

    AuxCordBoston Well-Known Member

    Are you sure that uber/Lyft will not deactivate you for a low acceptance rate?
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  7. Oh-Lord

    Oh-Lord Well-Known Member

    Yes I am sure. My acceptance rate is **** since I decided I dont do uberpoop.
    Come on people stop doing uberpoop. If someone can't afford dirt cheap x they need to get a bus schedule.
  8. stephan

    stephan Active Member

    Worcester ma
    My acceptance rate all the time between 50 and 92 , cancellation rate is between 2- 14 . Rating 4.7

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