Cancelling my Uber account. Can I reapply later and get the new driver bonuses again?


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So, I just turned in my Breeze car and have no use for my Uber account. I figured if I do it again I'd try again in September when teachers/students go back to school. I considered driving Lyft full-time with their rental cars, but I don't know how I'd do. I didn't make much with them when I did drive.

Anyway, if I sign up again in a few months, can I get the new driver incentives ($XXX bonus and newbie hourly guarantee. Also, the same question, but with Lyft.



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Trying to scam them?

You will not be a new driver. Try it and report back with your findings
Um, no. I'm not trying to scam anyone. I have had subscriptions services that consider you a new account after 6-12+ and will allow you to take the free trial or get new customer pricing, etc. Just curious to know if the same applied here.