Cancellation fees missing in action: hunt 'em down!

Jack Malarkey

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I found that there was no record anywhere in the app of a cancellation fee to which I was entitled. So I contacted Uber using the app and received the following response:

Sorry to hear about the trouble here, Jack.

We are aware of and working on an issue that's preventing some cancellation fees from showing up in trip history, but we were able to find the trip you mentioned based off of the information you gave us.

You will see the cancellation fee as a miscellaneous payment on your next earnings statement. Thanks again for contacting us about this, and do feel free to reach out again if you have any other questions or concerns.

Take care and have a safe drive!

Jack Malarkey

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Note how I'm to receive the missing cancellation fee as a miscellaneous payment. This suggests that the rider was never and won't be charged the fee and that Uber is now paying me from its own funds.


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I've had this happen a few times now. In the past they've asked for details about the trip: name, pickup address, date, and time, before they will pay it. It can be quite hard to remember all of those details if there's no record of it! Nowadays I always take a screenshot of the waybill for every single trip. It contains all the information Uber needs to find any missing trip and pay out accordingly.

Hugh G

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You would think that Uber, alledgedly a technology company, would know the trip details of the cancelled trip.

As a driver and as far as I know you can only use the drivers app and cancel the trip. You would assume Uber would know if the driver cancelled or the rider cancelled.

Last week I was into my 6th email to the Uberbots before they acknowledged that they were looking at previous trip(completed successfully) to the one I was querying !

To get their 5 stars they continually told me the problem was fixed, worse than Optus and Telstra combined when it comes to service satisfaction..