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I've noticed that when you click on the pax name now you see a contact button and also a cancel button. It turns red after a while. Is this an indication that 5 minutes are up and if you cancel you will receive the cancel fee.

It seems to turn red before 5 minutes

Hugh G

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Been some issues with this new feature

I spent hours getting mine paid... see:

There have been other comments in the forums alluding to the fact the timer is not correct - also very hard find info on a cancellation you instigated that UBER said wasn't 5 mins.

MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE UBER PROMPT URGING YOU TO CANCEL FOR A REFUND and you'll probably save yourself about 3 days of needless correspondence.


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Haven't seen a countdown timer

It's a bit subtle - see screen markup below.



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My issue with the timer is that it doesn't start quickly enough. In theory it should start up at the same time as the rider is notified that you have arrived. Haven't had time to see how to trigger the timer earlier.


The notification is that you are arriving not arrived. So that why counter doesn't start until you are next stage arrived at pin!
This is about the first things uber has done for drivers in the 8 months since I've been driving. Helps us not waste time and know when we get the locked in cancel fee
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I cancelled after timer was over 5 mins but didnt get fee....
Raised a call to uber and thry check and i cancelled 5 mins 4 secs..
Got fee back


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I've always started time when the driver apps indicates that I have arrived, even though I might be 1 block away. I've never had issues with not being paid a cancellation fee.


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I love this new timer feature - no more guessing or leaving at 4min 58 secs without pay.
I sometimes make the call at the 1 min to go mark, if pax give me ill be down in a few min story, ive already used up 30 sec calling them, then they get to view my cars backend as i drive away. After a 5 min drive to them plus another 5 min of waiting, they should manage their booking time better.
Hats off to those pax who are waiting outside when you arrive and dont slam doors...


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I had to ask for all cancellations ...your eligible for cancellation fee... on Saturday night !!