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Canberra Airport: temporary change to waiting area

Jack Malarkey

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In an in-app message on Wednesday 22 February 2017, Uber has advised its Canberra drivers that the waiting area in Majura Park for the picking up passengers at the airport is closed for construction repairs.

The airport has asked that drivers use the public car park in front of the Majura Park Shopping Centre between Beaufighter Street and Dakota Street until further notice.

Jack Malarkey

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The work to the waiting area now appears to be complete.

The old shipping containers and fence are gone; the area has been resurfaced; and there are now white parking bay lines throughout.

The barriers at one end are now gone and shunted to one side at the other.

Families and others watching the planes take off and land are back. Some Uber drivers have joined them.

There has not yet been advice from Uber that the area has been reopened.
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