Can you live off Uber in Leicester,UK?


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Hi all. Thanks for reading and any info you can provide. I am looking to become an uber driver in and around Leicester, where I live.

I understand there's some licence and fees that need to be paid beforehand but before I even get into those costs, is it worth it? Can you make a living doing Uber in Leicester and around? I would need to get a car with uber and that also comes with its own costs. Are there any drivers in the area that can give some insight and advice?

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Around Leicestershire probably not but Leicester city yes.
Thanks for the reply. I asked around some other drivers who said they work 70+ hours a week though did not disclose how much that brings them. I understand you make as much as you're willing to work but only if you work more than the standard 40 hrs a week a minimum wage job would entail? How many hours are a reasonable way to make a living?


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I don't do Leicester so can't comment but like you say. Put the hours in you will be OK not rich but fine