Can u take 6 people? UBER X


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Cheap fares basically feed on themselves. Cheap invites cheaper. I have seen people pile in 4 / 5 across basically begging to squeeze in with no regard to safety. This is what we face nightly. Brake the law or cancel. hmmmm these riders are asking for trouble. Wow they can't call 2 cars and splurge $3.50 each. Or get an XL but like i said before cheap means cheap!!!!

Uber Kraus

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Not if you arrive, find out they had too many. Take a couple min break then cancel after 5 mins
You can play it that way but if they complain it could lead to issues. Better to cause them to press the cancel button. Use your Jedi powers Sides.

D Town

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As soon as I accept a ping I send a text thanking them and letting them know how many I can take and that if they have more than that they can order an Uber XL.


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The other day I was in weho and got a ping at Cabo cantina....I show up and 4 ppl climb in to the back and one up front...I didn't even notice...they didn't even ask...they just got in like it was ok....they were only going 4 blocks away...kicked them all out made her cancel


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Don't do it. Four blocks or four miles doesn't matter, you can get yoru car impounded that way.

Only pax I ever get rude with are ones that complain about me not taking more pax than my car allows(4).


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My Lyft mentor mentioning giving out those free ride cards, take half and let the other half request a new ride with a $20 free card as long as they are new to Lyft