Can someone post your latest uberX or XL trip screenshot?


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You can cut out the map and the address portion. Only post the fare breakdown part. I wanted to see if mine is the same as anyone else's about something.


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Screenshot_20190426-024030_Uber Driver.jpg


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Checked some of my rides from last night. You're not the only one. I started in Oct 2018. SHHH. It appears change happened with that last contract change on April 16.


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If this is true, I’m going to go to the HUB and let them know. This is unacceptable and all the 25%ers should remain that way. I want them to make less than me! I’ll tweet this thread to Uber Canada first. Thanks for letting me know


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I appreciate you for posting it but I know you are already a driver before Aug 14 2015. So uber takes only 20% from you on X and XL.

I was trying to confirm if I'm the only one seeing this. I'm getting 80% of the fare on my latest X and XL trips. I started in 2017 so.
They take 28% from legacy drivers on XL


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uberXL - 28%
uberX - 20% (noticed this change since April 16)


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