can someone make sense of this promotion deal to me?


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so i didn't work last week which means i'm stuck with a shitty promo deal this week, but for the life of me i can't figure out what hours of the day this new deal is in effect. thursday and friday i think i know what's going on, but saturday and sunday are confusing

it looks like saturday morning (friday night) 1am-4am, saturday afternoon 12pm-5pm, saturday night 10pm-5am (sunday morning), and finally sunday night 8pm to midnight. is that right?

i feel like there's a better way to get this schedule across



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Is this the BS they are doing instead of Hourly?

Notice, the evenings are not eligible. They want you out for rush hour, late and early mornings.



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It's a very stupid and convoluted.. Perfect for the uber sheep.. Soo if I do do the 20 trips let's say on Sat. And on Sunday I work my regular cherry picking ways without 80% accepted I don't get the 120...stupid


I got that one too after I was reactivated after my accident and lost my boosts. I read that damn thing like 20 times and I finally figured that it was not going to happen. Thank goodness that I am back in the normal boost mode this week.
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