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Can some please tell me how long their CORI check took

I am switching states from NJ to MA. I went through checkr and it was clear...I thought that was it only to find out I now need to wait on my CORI.

Does anyone PLEASE tell me how long their CORI check took?

Thx in advance

Jane Dough

New Member
Mine took like 2 days for Uber, and I got the email from Checkr with my results. I am in Massachusetts. BUT I applied with Lyft and it's almost been a month. Any job I've ever had a background check, it's never been more than 5 days. So I asked Lyft what gives, because on their site it says it normally takes 2 days but can be up to 2 weeks from things "outside of their control". They told me I passed the National and County check but was waiting on CORI and the DPA I think it is, (Department of something lol) sends them out on a rolling basis.
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