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Can/should we get this forum changed to Portland/Vancouver Suburbs?

Rut Dog

New Member
Now that Portland is starting to get surrounded, could or should this forum become Portland Suburbs?

I'm imagining it would eventually become Greater Portland OR/Vancouver WA.

But for now, Portland OR/Vancouver WA (Suburbs) would seem reasonable.

How do Vancouver peeps feel about being part of just Greater Portland, OR?


Well-Known Member
I would think it would be a good idea. Vancouver is just a suburb of Portland even though it is in another state.


Well Uber may not be in Portland for long; just heard tonight the city of Portland is suing Uber.
They also listed out what Uber would need to also comply with the city (must match the same standards as cabs and limos).
I'm not going to hold my breath on how long Uber is going to last in Portland.


I'm not either, but with uber being welcomed in some of the southwest suburbs, Greater Portland still works as a sub forum.