Can renewed COE car use for Uber?


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Hi all,

I would like to check if i want to buy a renewed coe car (2016) to drive as uber driver. Can it be accepted? I would also like to know the process and anyone has done this before?

please kindly advise. thanks


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thanks. But it didn't mentioned anything on COE cars, i heard from people said can. I am confuse


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I was told they need to inspect the car 1st before they allow you to use the COE car to drive for Uber. If its paid, i am sorry, the answer is a no. Hope it help or u can drop by Uber office and ask their staff


For requirement to get the renewed COE car, the car must have more than 6 month's left before original expired COE to qualify by Uber to drive. One must get the commercial insurance Z10/Z11 done and a renewed Vehicle Log Card