Can I use Honda Odyssey for Uber?


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A newbie here, I'm currently planning to be a driver/partner using my own car. As I understand in the vehicle requirements here in Canberra, as long as you don't have more than 8 seater car you can drive for uber.

However, I was told by someone that I cannot use it because here in Canberra bacause Uber only allows car (sedan) type or the 5 seater cars.

Appreciate if someone can provide me some guidance on this one as I'm scheduled to have my medicals this afternoon. And would like to make it sure first before spending 150AUD for the medical.

Thanks for the big help.



You can use a 7 seater. I am using a 7 seater SUV for Uber.
But better check with Uber may be at the Greenlight Hub in Fyshwick (134-136 Gladstone Street, Fyshwick).

Jack Malarkey

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Here are the Uber specifications for cars in Canberra:

An eight-seater (including the driver) is fine.

Note, however, that in Canberra only UberX and UberAssist are available so you won't be paid extra for filling up the additional seats.

You should also investigate signing up with GoCatch. There's no problem being on both the GoCatch and Uber platforms. See
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