Can I make 1k a month with uber?


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So I'm about to be unemployed however I still have some bills that need to be paid. Is it easy to make at least 1k a month while doing uber without doing 12 hours each day? Also, how long does it take for uber to actually activate you so I can get on the road? I am in miami and I figured driving at south beach and downtown would be a good idea. Any tips?


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yes you can make 1k a month driving uber. driving stategically on uber select i make 800-1000 per week and my high week was 1800. i have a full time job and only work uber evenings monday through friday and all day saturdays and sundays.


Depends on location, location, and location.

Also, remember that the Ping comes to your phone, not to your car. Keep your app on. If you've never received a Ping while taking a crap, you're not trying hard enough.

reg barclay

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Also, how long does it take for uber to actually activate you so I can get on the road?Any tips?
Shouldn't take long, the longest thing is probably the background check which I think according to uber takes 3-10 days. Just be aware that racking up miles on your car will cause it's value to fall quicker (especially if it is relatively new) and will increase the money you'll have to spend on maintenance (like oil changes, brakes, etc as well as possible repairs) so factor these into calculating how much you make.


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Can you make 1k a month with uber? Of course!

Will you incur car maintenance, gas fees, traffic frustration, no shows, puke stains, illegal turns, chances of car accidents and your sanity just to break even? Most likely.

More often than not you'll incur a profit loss, unless you're super diligent in dead miles, ride recording for tax purposes, and cut all car labor to DIY. Maybe then you can earn enough to scrape by.

Of find a minimum wage job that gives you a steady (albeit low) source of income.