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Can I get reimbursed for a flat tire incurred while Ubering?


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I used to work in a place where the Genl Sales Mgr was a serious Richard Cranium.
It was an auto dealership, I was the Fleet Manager.
This guy would yell at the top of his lungs. He'd throw stuff, and break things. Very similar to working with a petulant 3 year old.

Had a new salesman come on.
He asked us about an expense account. LoL
"Oh yea," one guy says, "don't forget to ask Mr. Cranium about your company expense account. Get the Visa card if you can, and don't forget the gas card."

About fifteen minutes later, the whole building erupted. Richard is bellowing at the top of his lungs, sound of a coffee cup breaking against the wall; the new guy comes running out of his office panting and wide-eyed.. LMAO.
Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

We were rolling. Laughing so hard we were crying.
Cruel? Yep.
Funny? Oh hell yes.

Expense account. *snort*


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I ran over a huge nail and punctured a tire (it went flat within a minute) while I was online driving for Uber. Does Uber reimburse for the cost of fixing the tire?
I love newbies. ROFLMMFAO.

Uber certainly will fix your tire

There is an agreement with discount tire where they will fix flats for free

The same deal may or may not exist with every single person in the country
Discount fixes tire punctures for free and it has nothing to do with uber.

But that doesn't help if it's not fixable.