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Can I get reimbursed for a flat tire incurred while Ubering?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by JK7, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. JK7


    The bolt punctured the tire head first and put a pretty big hole in it. It also hit just in the perfect spot to miss the tread. I couldn't tell for sure what the culprit was until the guy at the shop changed the tire and pulled that bolt out of it (from the inside of the tire).

    So, I got a pretty good looking used tire and service for $60, all included. The good thing about this is I found a decent used tire shop. South Side Tire Services in Austin, if anybody wants to know. Good folks.

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  2. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I highly doubt a plug would even begin to work on that.
  3. Gtown Driver

    Gtown Driver

    Washington DC
    If you had a lease with Uber their contract company would reimburse for 30 dollar plugs, but even they won't cover a whole tire. Asking if Uber will cover you is even crazier to ask, but you got your answer (apparently can work if you beg but doubt everyone will get same results because Uber).
  4. UberBastid


    I buy my tires at the same shop, all the time.
    I've shopped him several times and he's never more than a buck or two more than the lowest price, AND he does tire repairs for free. AND he does my Uber inspections for free.
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  5. JK7


    I also would have to remove the tire from the wheel to get it out. Not sure how to accomplish the first step without some pro service.
  6. Correct you are. That is certainly a job for the pros. I don’t care. How fancy someone’s plug kit is!
  7. Uber certainly will fix your tire

    There is an agreement with discount tire where they will fix flats for free

    The same deal may or may not exist with every single person in the country
  8. vtcomics


    New England
    Word of advice if reliant on Sears for warranty/repair work: hurry up.
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  9. They were giving these out at the GLH last time I visited.
    Get a small Compressor and soon enough you will be a pro at fixing a flat in no time.
    It wouldn't work on the size of the puncture you had but works great on nails and smaller screws.
  10. Uber has covered all my flats. They tell me the check is in the mail, and I believe 'em!
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  11. I mailed you one just the other day
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  12. islanddriver


    bad dealership 99% of new tires and new cars have a roadside warranty . you could go to pepboys they have it for new tires
  13. Atom guy

    Atom guy

    The tire stores charge a fortune for this - almost the cost of a new tire. I bought my last set of tires at Goodyear, and they wanted like $75 for the road hazard plan, but they fix flat tires for free anyway. So check with the tire store to see what free services they offer before paying for the road hazard plan.
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  14. Christinebitg


    Should have coughed up the $75. Driving on roads you don't know has more risk than staying within your neighborhood and your regular commute.

    It's just a cost of doing business, and it's part of the 54c per mile standard mileage deduction.
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  15. MikeNY


    im lost
    The good news is you can deduct it for TAX purposes
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  16. UberBastid


    Deduct it from what ... income? *snort*
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  17. Wow thx for the laugh guys
  18. Yes we are lol
  19. vtcomics


    New England
    This might be a late entry for "Post of the Year 2018".
  20. Was it the front left tire ? If so Uber policy is they buy you a new car

    One caveat, you have to be in the fantasyland area.

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