Can I drive anywhere in my state? (Florida)


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I'm currently driving in Pensacola, FL. and I'm moving to Jacksonville soon. I emailed and asked if I needed to do anything to be able to continue driving in Jax and they said I was good to go. So that just made me wonder, am I allowed to drive in any city in FL? Or is there a boundary?


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You good to go in any market in Florida. Just keep in mind that some cities have some requirements, such as vehicle inspections, etc.
are you an X?


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Whenever I go online it says UberX so I'm going to assume yes. Although I'm not exactly sure what that means as I'm fairly new to this. Thanks for the reply.


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I drive in multiple FL markets (Central Atlantic Coast, Orlando & Miami) & Uber CS was so confident that I would have no issues doing so. But this was not the case. Palm Beach County requires add'l docs unavailable to me since that was not my 'home' market. I never appeared on the Pax app for pickups when in that area. I didn't have any issues in Orlando, as I assume they don't require add'l docs.

Long story short, I switched my 'home' market to Miami as that covered the requirements for all other FL markets. Might be worth it for you if you should do a drop off outside your market & want to continue doing pickups there.