Can I do this with Waze?

Weekend Warrior

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I want to see how long a future trip will take me from Point A to B, but I'm not at Point A right now. Seems like Waze assumes my trip always starts from my present location. Is there a way to change the starting point? I can (and do) do this with Google maps.


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You can but it won’t show you the routes, just how long it will take.

First enter your destination, then when the screen pops up to view routes, etc, select “View more times”. At the top of that screen will say “From”, that’s where you can change your starting point. Select which day you want to leave and what time you want to arrive and it’ll give you the estimated time. Again, it won’t show you any routes, just a time. I’m surprised Waze doesn’t make it easier to change the starting point that also allows us to see the routes. Strange..