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Can I be rich driving for uber/lyft?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by uber_from_the north, Dec 6, 2018 at 1:11 PM.

  1. Yes I am not trolling o_O

    Can I? :rolleyes:

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  2. Rich before or after?
  3. After I guess....
  4. sadboy


    Los Angeles
    No. Your inside will die away little by little... by the time your done, you would have no life left to enjoy your riches
  5. drunkinUber


    But you're saying there will be riches?
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  6. sadboy


    Los Angeles
    Yup, all those 5 stars and badges you earned.... you'll be so rich, you wont be able to spend it all in place
  7. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Only way to get rich will be to short Uber stock shortly after the IPO.
  8. Fozzie


    If you drive for Uber, you probably won't end up monetarily rich, but you may be rich with critical life lessons learned.
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  9. Transeau


    Yes, you can be rich, but you will not get rich.
  10. Yes you can drive while being rich.
    I have a customer who is an attorney and very wealthy, he drives for Uber during his commute to his office in orange.
    But I don’t think that is your question.
    If you want to have your car destroyed, be treated like dirt by passengers for nickels and dimes join Uber.
    If you do not mind having a pay cut every single year right around Christmas join Uber.
    I’ve became rich but it took me decades it was not fu or easy.
    Read mr money mustache’s blog.
    You are young and have a good work ethic, can tolerate being frugal, and have patience, you can be rich.
    but I have to warn you being rich is not what most people think it is.
    Read the book “the millionare next door’.
    Uber money is only seed capital.
    And that’s only if you get surge rates in your area.
  11. Depends on if your first name is Richard or Dick
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  12. These badges are useless. I had one pax I drove to catch his train. We made it. He gave me a late night hero badge instead of tip! smh

    So this means all these ants scattered around the globe will end up poor as a mouse that's just had an enormous tax bill.

    "be" is missing on me. And "get" is what i want

    last name is rider
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  13. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    You will be rich in wisdom & knowledge, yet poor in bitterness & despair.
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  14. wisdom of how to deal with stubborn/rude pax and knowledge of throwing them out of your car.
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  15. This soul Once asked the same question

  16. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    I think.you got that completely backwards...
  17. UberBastid


    Sure you can.
    Buy a lotto ticket every week.
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  18. Well, you can get rich doing other things, then be rich while driving Uber.

    But you cannot get rich doing Uber. No.
  19. I bet he applied for loan to buy a car for uber and made his house as collateral.

    Fate is unpredictable. Then drive for uber, it will be
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  20. JDM05


    I can teach you how to make a small fortune driving for Uber!
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