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Can I apply earned wages to Instant Pay if I drive during Boost times or Surge areas?


New Member
Hello, I am new to using the instant pay feature: I have two questions and it's regarding a statement made by Uber in its help section under Instant Pay. Uber makes the following statement:

"Earnings Boost incentives and high fares under review or fares under review for improper use are not eligible for Instant Pay cashout. "

My questions:
1. Does "high fare" include driving in an area with a surge rate? If so, does this mean if I pick up a rider in an area with surge rates that I will be unable to use to money made on that trip for instant pay?
a) if so, is there a way I can just agree to get paid STANDARD RATE instead of the surge rate so that I can have the funds available for instant pay?
2. Does "earnings boost" mean the time frames that are found when, in driver all you click:
Earnings > promotions > boost > boost schedule
a) of so, in my area, for weekdays the ONLY hours that don't fall under boost rate is 10am-1pm and 11pm-1am... so does that means ONLY 7 HOURS in a 24 hour day are applicable for instant pay?
b) if the above is true, again, if I drive during the boost hour (like 8am-10am), that I agree to get paid the standard rate instead of the boost rate?
I'm really hoping there is a way around this because 7 hours is such a small time frame.​

I have a huge bill to pay this Saturday and am looking at how, after being laid on Thursday, I can maximize the money I make for instant pay. In addition to answering the questions above, I'd appreciate any additional information about the Instant Pay feature, and how to make money she you need it fast.