Can an uber drive seeks assitance for Hurricane Irma from FEMA?


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I doubt FEMA offers that kind of assistance. If they do, I'd be terribly disappointed in my government.

Hopefully FEMA is focused on helping people who have lost everything they own in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.


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you're 1099 self employed business owner, you should be able to file claim with your insurance carrier under your lost business income policy. Wait, we driver's don't have that benefit but Uber corporate does.


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you are a contractor.. if you have a diarrhea and you dont work a day, you dont get pay... is the same situation here. We all who work for UBER are into another disaster category


Not even FEMA can help..their advice would probably be to go see a shrink for the mental disorder of driving during gas shortages, cell phone outages and all around chaos.